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Wait at least 6 hours, then begin the aftercare routine below:

  • Wash your hands

  • Pump 1-2 pumps of foaming cleanser onto fingertips

  • Pat between both hands and GENTLY wash brows 

  • Rinse with lukewarm water

  • GENTLY pat dry with a paper towel

  • Once brows are completely dry, apply a small amount of ointment to each brow (about the size of a grain of rice per brow, do not apply too much ointment as it will slow the healing)

  • Repeat morning and night for 7-10 days

For the first 7-10 days

  • No sun or tanning beds (if you will be spending time outside, protect your brows with a hat)(do not apply sunscreen to brows for at least 2 weeks)

  • No picking or scratching at any scabs 

  • No hot, sweaty exercise until all scabs have naturally fallen off (hot yoga, sauna, spin class, etc) Light to moderate exercise is fine 

  • Do not tint /dye your eyebrows

  • No hot tubs, pools, rivers, or lakes

  • No long, hot showers. Try to keep showers short and cool, as sweating and steam can draw the pigment out.

  • Do not put your face directly into the shower stream

  • Do your best to keep your brows dry during your shower, have a clean towel ready to pat them dry as needed

  • Keep skincare products (except aftercare products) away from the brows (about 1 inch)

  • NO makeup on the brows (wipe with a cotton bud soaked in brow cleanser immediately if any makeup touches the brows)

  • Try to sleep on your back (sleeping on your face can rub off scabs and cause pigment to come out prematurely)

For as long as you have permanent makeup:

  • If you will be exposing your brows to the sun, wear a hat whenever possible and apply at least SPF 50 beforehand (sun exposure WILL make your brows fade faster and can change the color)

  • NO tanning beds

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