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Your brows... but better.

Uneven, overplucked, and patchy brows are a thing of the past. Natural is the goal so your brows will still feel like yours.. just more defined and makeup free. After investing in permanent makeup your brows will become an afterthought. 

Brows: Services

Powder brows are a technique that is intended to give the appearance a soft and powdery makeup look. This is done using a tattoo machine and a sterile single-use cartridge needle. Numbing cream is used to keep you comfortable during the appointment. 


When first done, the brows will appear bold and may be a little dark. They take about 7-10 days to heal and may go through a process of light scabbing/flaking/itching. Brows last 1-2 years before needing a color boost. 


(This is a process that requires a touch-up 6-8 weeks after the initial session. In some cases additional touch-ups may be needed.)


First session - $300-$400

Second session - $200

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