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Lip Blush is the process of tattooing the lips to add color and restore faded lips. Through the use of permanent makeup, lips can be made to look fuller and more youthful. Every client gets to choose a custom blended color to achieve incredibly defined, beautiful lips - for years! 


When first done, the lips are slightly swollen and the color can be very bold. Swelling subsides within 48 hours and the lips are healed in about 5 days. Once healed, the color will fade by about 50-70%. Lip blush lasts roughly 3-5 years, touch-ups will be needed periodically to keep the color looking fresh.


(This is a process that requires a touch-up 8-12 weeks after the initial session. In some cases additional touch-ups may be needed based on the quality of the lip tissue.)


First session - $400

Second session - $250

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