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What to Expect

Before committing to the process of permanent makeup or tattoos it's important to know what to expect during your appointment. Every appointment follows the same process in order to get consistent, reliable results and ensure a comfortable experience. 


Before you arrive I will have you fill out online paperwork that covers your medical history, the risks & realities of permanent makeup, and consent to the tattoo procedure. Once you arrive I will review your completed paperwork and answer any questions you may have. 


Before we start, we will have a brief consultation where we will discuss your goals and you can show me any inspiration photos. I will explain to you what your realistic expectations should be and how I plan to achieve your desired outcome. Questions are welcome! I want you to be 100% confident in the process. 


Before starting the procedure I always take photos of the treatment area. This is to show before & afters in my portfolio but is also for insurance purposes. I generally do not post full face photos, only the treatment area, but if I do want to use a full face photo I will ask your permission first. 


For brows and lips, I go through an extensive drawing process to ensure your final product is as balanced & symmetrical as possible. It is important to remember our faces are not the same from side to side, perfect symmetry is impossible. I go for an overall balanced look. With brows we try to keep the shape close to what you naturally have, but build color in areas needed to achieve a more flattering and youthful shape. For lips we are limited to your natural lip tissue. We cannot go outside of your natural lip line to create bigger lips - that must be achieved with lip filler. 


Your brows or lips will be numbed before we start the procedure. A topical lidocaine cream is used for the initial numbing. After the skin is broken and throughout the procedure a liquid lidocaine & epinephrine numbing will be used to keep you comfortable. While this is very effective for most people, there are occasionally people who are resistant to the numbing agents. 


The tattooing part of the procedure is actually very easy. For most people this process is virtually painless. It is important to make sure you stay very still during this part of the procedure. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, need to use the restroom, take a sip of water, I am happy to stop and accommodate you. 


After I am finished I take more photos. I will have you close your eyes, open your eyes, take pictures with and without gloss on the lips... please be patient with me! Pictures of my work are 100% of what keeps me in business. 


Lastly, you get to see the finished product! It will always be darker & more bold than the healed result. 

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